Desktop Triple Guard
Custom Sneeze Guarding

Custom sneeze guards can be sized and customized to your retail, commercial, distribution, laboratory or manufacturing environment. We can customize the panels to be clear acrylic or polycarbonate if additional safety is required. Sneeze guards can be configured to be self standing, connected to a desk or counter, or mounted directly to the floor. Height and width can be designed to provide maximum safety for your employees and visitors, while still providing visible and audio communication. Customizing a guarding solution for your business doesn’t cost much, and provides a level of safety and assurance for your employees, customers and visitors.

Take a look at the examples below. Any of these can be customized to fit your business at no cost by one of our in-house CAD designers and we would be happy to provide a quotation and drawing in just a few days. Ready to get started on a sneeze guarding project?
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Common Sneeze Guard Configurations

Variations of sneeze guards to spur your imagination  – we can make your guarding frame exactly as you want it, any size, with or without panels.

SGSQ-01 Squeeze Guard
Basic teller-style desktop sneeze guard frame that squeezes to hold any size panel between movable, adjustable vertical holders. Holds panel with rubber inserts (to grip the panel). This type of guard has a 1″ gap at the bottom for transactions. It’s free standing, easy-to-assemble and can accommodate may sizes of acrylic or poly-carbonate panels.
SGM-02 Mounted Guard
This is a “mounted” multi-functional sneeze guard that can be configured to provide no gap under, or with a gap to allow transactions to occur under the clear panel. Note – the height of opening below the panel can be customized from zero (no space under panel) to whatever you need. Bottom bar is adjustable up or down. Many convenient sizes are available. Frame mounts to top surface with brackets included. If you want a free-standing model – look at SG-02S. Perfect for any type of mounted divider between people with or without a gap under for transactions or conversations.

SGS-03 Standing Guard
This is the same style as SGM-02, but it is free-standing with 4 legs that attach to the 3 sided panel frame. We can design this type of frame to provide a teller style gap, or be placed all the way to the bottom to eliminate any space. Panel can be full or partial to allow changes to lower horizontal bar height. Leg length can be specified.
SGDD-04 Desktop Double Guard
This is a free-standing double-sided sneeze guard that can be put on top of an existing counter, desk, table or flat area. This is a stable, L-shaped sneeze guard that comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit most desks and work areas. Choose between clear acrylic or clear poly-carbonate (for additional safety) panels. Frame is 1″ x 1″ aluminum t-slot extrusions with a slot to hold the panels. Easy to assemble and will last forever. Optional brackets to mount to table top are also available.
Safety guarding made by F&L Industrial Solutions with 80/20 aluminum t-slot extrusions
SGTS-06 Teller Standing Guard
Full height standard guarding panel that comes in a number of convenient sizes. Note – the large size of this single panel design is not cost-effective to ship one unit by UPS – so it is for quantities of at least 5 -10 or more. If you are looking to purchase just a few of these – look at SGTD-01. They have 2 smaller panels instead of 1 large panel, and can ship more economically by UPS ground.
SGTD-07 Teller Dual Guard
Same as SGTS-01 but instead of one large panel, this guard is divided into 2 panels. This makes this product easier to handle and much less expensive to ship by UPS (they charge an large fee for panels over a certain dimension). This full height sneeze guard offers multiple types of panels beyond clear plastics to personalize your office or work space. Made in the USA with US-Extruded t-slot aluminum extrusions.

Don’t see what you need? We can design and build any kind of Sneeze Guard you need. Just give us a call today to get started.