New 10 Series Smooth T-Slot Bars Available

F&L Industrial Solutions┬ájust added 10 new smooth bars to its 80/20 1010 series of t-slot aluminum extrusions. Now you can design modern smooth frames using the popular square 1″ t-slot extrusions. The new extrusions are available immediately from F&L Industrial Solutions, Inc. directly, or through their online eStore.

New Smooth T-Slot Bars Available for 80/20 10 Series

New Smooth T-Slot Bars Available for 80/20 10 Series

The new smooth series includes 1″ x 1″ through 2″ x 4″ t-slot extrusions with the ultra modern smooth finish, and they are priced the same as the original align-a-groove surface bars.

Smooth bars often used in clean-room environments as they collect less dust particles, and offer a modern look.

F&L Industrial Solutions is a leading distributor and manufacturer of t-slot aluminum extrusion framing. We use US-made 80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusions exclusively as they offer the best quality and anodizing in the industry.

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