Friendly Service Robots Made Big Impact at ATX West Automation Show

The industrial automation industry recently got together in Anaheim, California for their annual ATX West trade show; and like the recent past, robotics and the associated technologies around robotics was a significant portion of the show. At the show, a relatively new type of robot technology was getting a lot of attention – “Friendly Service Robots”.

F&L Industrial Solutions attended the ATX show, exhibiting industrial framing made from 80/20 brand t-slot aluminum extrusions. Many of these frames are used for robotics applications, so we were interested to learn more. Based on discussions with customers and show attendees, there was definitely a buzz in the air about this new breed of robots.  These so-called “Friendly Service Robots” are programmed in such a way to ensure safety when working directly with, and around humans. They move slower and can stop if contact is made with a near-by human to avoid injuries. Human-friendly service robots are specifically designed to work side-by-side with humans – safely.

Human-friendly robot at ATX 2017 Show

High-speed robots are getting faster and more precise – and they currently require safety enclosures and guarding to prevent unintended human-to-robot contact that could result in serious injuries. So while one traditional part of the automation industry (high-speed robotics requiring enclosures and guarding for safety reasons) continues to grow and diversify, another sub-segment (low-speed human-friendly service robots) is growing simultaneously. And vendors are scrambling to develop technologies that allow high-speed robots to work with low-speed friendly robots and humans – for example, facilitating automated material transfers between the two types of systems.

At F&L Industrial Solutions, Inc., we build robotics bases, enclosures, safety guards, and materials handling automation to support robotics for manufacturing and for R&D. We use the highest quality t-slot aluminum extrusions from 80/20, Inc. to ensure we deliver the very best type of framing for all types of automation & robotics, including friendly robots and transfer systems. So if you are looking for a partner to deliver industrial 80/20 t-slot framing solutions for your robotics systems now or in the future, please give us a call at 858-602-1500 or click here.

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