Custom 80/20 Reptile Enclosure Kit by F&L Industrial Solutions


Assembled Aluminum Reptile Enclosure Kit from F&L Industrial Solutions

Assembled Aluminum Reptile Enclosure from F&L Industrial Solutions










F&L Industrial Solutions was recently contacted to create a custom reptile enclosure for a pet iguana. The customer already had an idea how they wanted the enclosure designed, so Dan Fanolla, F&L’s VP of Product Design, jumped in and created a CAD drawing that reflected the customer’s vision in high-quality 80/20 aluminum. “The enclosure was designed as a “kit” that could ship flat directly to the customer’s location, so the customer could build it on-site”, explains Fanolla. “One of the many advantages of working with high-quality 80/20 t-slot aluminum bars is that you can build enclosures that are bigger than a doorway, but can be disassembled later if you ever move or want to change the enclosure. In this case, the enclosure was 72″ x 30″ x 72″, so it would have been difficult or impossible to get into the room and very expensive to ship if it was assembled.”

Professional reptile enclosure for iguana by F&L Industrial Solutions

Assembled and furnished iguana habitat from the side

The aluminum reptile habitat/terrarium features an anodized, closed-faced aluminum frame with a large front-facing door, black powder-coated wire ceiling for ventilation, and clear acrylic panels throughout. White expanded PVC was used for the flush-mounted background to heighten visibility, and black expanded PVC for the remaining panels of the enclosure. Leveling feet ensured that it could be leveled even if the floor in the room was slightly off.

The customer followed the basic assembly and placed it near a window for both warmth and light. They then decorated it and eventually made it home for their female iguana.

The finished reptile enclosure was designed for maximum functionality and longevity, while providing an excellent environment for the iguana. Unlike steel welded structures that rust easily and must be cut to disassemble, the anodized aluminum reptile enclosure made by F&L Industrial Solutions will be a great long-term investment as it can be disassembled, enlarged, or modified easily when the need arises.

Professional aluminum reptile enclosure by F&L Industrial Solutions

Fully assembled and furnished iguana enclosure by F&L Industrial Solutions

If you would like a custom reptile enclosure kit made by F&L Industrial Solutions for you, visit our website at or send us your requirements to:

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Our kits feature USA-made 80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusions designed by experts for your specific application.

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