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Guarding, Barriers and Enclosures Made With 80/20 T-Slots For Manufacturing

Guarding, barriers and enclosures have a lot of utility in a manufacturing environment, and more and more companies seem to be migrating to aluminum extrusions for this purpose. Our company builds industrial framing using “aluminum t-slot extrusions” including safety guarding, temporary walls, barriers and machine enclosures.

80/20 T-Slot Extrusion

The options available today for aluminum extrusion structures provides more customization for facilities managers, engineers and safety officers. More components with confirmed compatibility make it easy to build effective solutions. And as everyone seeks higher efficiency, manufacturing yields and higher employee morale, safety can be incorporated into the same solution easily.

Large Green Enclosure Open

The primary functions of a guard, a barrier or an enclosure are as follows:

  • Prevention of entry into a dangerous area
  • Prevention injury in areas of moving mechanical parts
  • Prevention of injury due to flying objects
  • Prevention of injury due to explosion/fire
  • Reduction or elimination of debris spread from process
  • Reduction or elimination of airborne particles from process
  • Sound dampening and hearing protection
  • Containment/separation of components within a process
  • Provide awareness of danger
  • Provide security and protection for valuable or fragile items.
  • Adheres to standards such as OSHA
80/20 Anchor Fastener

In its most elementary form, aluminum t-slot extrusions are connected together using extremely strong fasteners to create a...

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Building Aluminum T-Slot Frames Without Machining

80/20 External Fasteners

Here at F&L Industrial Solutions we almost always recommend using internal fasteners when building industrial aluminum t-slot framing because they are super strong, and look better as they are virtually hidden. But you can build t-slot frames without machining. Internal fasteners require machining of the bars – basically putting large or small holes where the fasteners fit in to, or access holes to reach and tighten the fastener. Overall, internal fasteners are the strongest way to go but they are not the only way to build.


Without Machining

We often meet people that want to build without any machining of the bars. Some are looking to keep their bars in pristine shape as they plan to repurpose them in the future and don’t want to be limited by prior configurations of the internal fasteners. Others just like the look of external fasteners and the idea that they don’t need to have the bars pre-machined ahead of time. Whatever the reason, here is how to build aluminum t-slot framing such as 80/20 Inc. using only external fastening methods.

Two Types of External Fasteners

There are two basic types of external fasteners used for standard 90 degree connections of aluminum t-slot extrusions:

  1. Fasteners that go in to the internal corner
  2. Plate fasteners that go on the side.


These are the 7 most common types of corner...

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Cutting 80/20 Aluminum T-Slot Extrusions

Ever thought about cutting your own aluminum extrusions? This primer tells you how to cut 80/20 aluminum t-slot extrusions using your standard saw. It only takes a few points of knowledge and a little caution to accurately cut aluminum extrusions and safe yourself some money! F&L Industrial Solutions – your Aluminum T-Slot Experts provides all you need to know in this short post.

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