Q?Can I buy basic 80/20 bars and components and build it myself?

Yes, we offer both fully designed/manufactured solutions and individual 80/20 bars, fasteners and components so you can build any project yourself.

Q?Why 80/20 aluminum extrusion?

80/20 aluminum extrusion offers 4 main advantages over other aluminum extrusion lines:

  1. There are over 7,000 components in the 80/20 catalog, so 80/20 offers the largest, most complete line of compatible aluminum extrusion parts in the world;
  2. 80/20 bars and components are extruded and tested to ensure the highest quality 6105-T5 specifications in the world. So when you buy 80/20, you know you are getting a tested, high-quality product;
  3. 80/20 products offer the very best anodizing and coloring – so bars always match and colors from batch to batch are exactly the same. Whether you buy it today or bought it 2 years ago, they still match perfectly;
  4. 80/20 is only sold by the industry’s premium distributors. While smaller extrusion companies have small resellers selling their products, 80/20 has the industry’s premier distributors representing their product, and they offer substantially more and better services than other extrusion resellers. In the long-run, you will save time and money dealing with more experienced distributors.

Q?Can I connect 80/20 aluminum extrusion to my older aluminum extrusion from another company?

Yes, we connect directly to most other extrusions and for unique applications or extrusion designs, we have specialized adapters to connect easily.

Q?Can I get 80/20 aluminum extrusions in different anodized colors or powder-coated?

80/20 offers stock bars in both clear and black anodized. But we can also offer many different custom anodized colors, custom plating and custom painting to meet any product color requirement.

Q?Does 80/20 offer stainless steel components for the food industry?

Yes, 80/20 offers some stainless steel components for the food industry, and F&L Industrial Solutions can also source from many other manufacturers to complete your stainless steel solution.

Q?What are the largest bars that 80/20 makes?

The largest fractional bar is the 3060 which is 3” x 6”. The largest metric bar is the 45-9090 which is 3.54” x 3.54”. For larger applications, these bars can be bolted together to create extremely large strong structures.

Q?What are the smallest bars that 80/20 makes?

The smallest fractional bar is the 1010 bar which is 1”x 1”. The smallest metric bar is the 20-2020, which is .787” x .787”.

Q?What are the longest bars available?

The standard lengths of most bars are 97”, 145”, and 242”. Sizes above 242” can be custom ordered.

Q?Do you offer same day rush service?

We do offer same day rush service at a premium, if we have time. Meeting existing customer schedules is our highest priority, so rush service is offered only when it will not jeopardize other customer product schedules.

Q?What is the least expensive way to connect two bars?

The absolute least expensive way is to tap the end of one bar, and then drill a hole through the second bar, and buy an end fastener.