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What Aluminum T-Slot Bar Should I Use?

This document covers a simple method to decide what size and shape of 80/20 t-slot bar  is required for a particular project – based on the weight the structure must support. There are infinite ways of engineering a t-slot aluminum structure, but the method outlined below is simple and straightforward – and should be easy to understand by non-engineers. Although we reference 80/20 brand t-slot extrusion data in this article, you could draw usable conclusions for other t-slot aluminum profiles if their size, weight and shapes were similar to 80/20 Inc. t-slot products.

The basic principle of choosing the right bar is understanding when a bar starts bending (commonly referred to as deflection) under a specific weight load.

There are 9 common methods for calculating deflection for t-slot aluminum bars as outlined below:

Deflection Methods










Today, we will be looking at the Two-End Supported method using Load Centered weight (circled in the chart above). While the two-end fixed test method is closest to the common vertical corner post method of design, it assumes an unbreakable connection with the vertical post. As fastener strength will play a role in any fixed design strength, we will use the two end supported method to better illustrate independent bar strength. In general, bars will bend easier...

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T-Slot Extrusions Well Represented At Recent ATX Automation Show

At the recent ATX Automation show in Anaheim, F&L Industrial Solutions was exhibiting industrial framing for automation made from 80/20 brand t-slot extrusions. T-slot extrusions are widely used throughout the manufacturing industry to facilitate all types of automation. Industrial framing includes machine bases, robotics enclosures, safety guarding, specialized carts, racks, stands, conveyor framing, platforms, and many other products. 80/20 t-slot extrusions and other manufacturers of t-slot extrusion were well represented at the show, and here are just some of the t-slots we saw as we walked around the show. For more information about 80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusions, call F&L Industrial Solutions, Inc. at 858-602-1500 or click here.

T-slot Stand/Display

T-slot Robotics Base









T-slot Robot enclosure with yellow slot covers

T-slot Large Machine Enclosure










T-Slot Robot Base