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5 Great Reasons To Build With T-Slot Aluminum

There are 5 main reasons why people choose to build manufacturing and laboratory items out of t-slot aluminum extrusions.

Custom Structures

80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusion corner

While it may be convenient to buy off-the-shelf items from local hardware stores, discount retailers or suppliers, those items are general-purpose structures that won’t do exactly what you want or need them to do. By building items from t-slot extrusions, you can design and build framing solutions that fit your needs and your applications exactly. In almost every case, a custom frame provides immense value to your company. For example, a custom workstation will usually translate into employees being more efficient and effective at their tasks, happier, and safer than if you used a general purpose workstation.

What your employees do on your work benches, how they do it, and the tools they use are unique to your business. So doesn’t it make sense to have a work bench built specifically for your business and unique requirements? Good t-slot designers create custom t-slot products that provide all of these advantages. Talk to us at F&L Industrial Solutions. Our staff of very experienced t-slot CAD Designers will help you capitalize on the benefits of a custom t-slot solution.


80/20 t-slot...

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Remote Control Sailboat Stand

80/20 t-slot aluminum boat stand for RC sailboat

Recently, Bob Hirsch of the San Diego Argonauts, a local hobbyist group that promotes radio control model boating and racing, talked with F&L Industrial solutions about building a sailboat stand out of 80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusions. The Argonauts meets regularly at the San Diego Model Yacht Pond on Vacation Isle in Mission Bay, and it is not uncommon to see a group of them sailing there on any given weekend day – especially Saturdays. With San Diego being an active Navy port and a location where many retired military make their home, RC sailing and power boating is a popular pastime here.

This is a closeup of the 1″ t-slot aluminum frame that holds the RC sailboat steady when not in use. The yellow straps are for carrying the boat while in the stand.

Bob was looking to design and build a very sturdy stand that could hold his large RC sailboat upright when the boat was out of the water while at the park. Most boat owners lay their boats on the lawn or use camper stools to prop up their boats...

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Learn how safety guarding using 80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusions creates a safer and more organized workplace

T-slot aluminum extrusions are considered the strongest, lightest and most versatile material to build industrial framing from, and 80/20 t-slot extrusions are the industry standard for all types of safety guarding.

OSHA reports that last year US businesses paid more than $1.5 million dollars in penalties for not protecting workers from noise

Making any manufacturing or engineering environment safer is a sound business practice, with long-term benefits for the bottom line and employee morale. Custom machine enclosures, safety railings, platforms, stairways, guarding and workstations offer better efficiency and effectiveness – because they are designed specifically for your business and your exact work process.

80/20 Inc. recently published a 12 page booklet on Custom Guarding & Safety Solutions, and F&L Industrial Solutions is offering to send this booklet directly to you at no cost.

To request a free copy, just click here and send us your mailing address by email. And we will get this informative free Safety Guarding Booklet right out to you.

Safety guarding protects workers from noise, debris, contaminants, and physical dangers. 80/20 t-slot extrusions offer the largest family of compatible parts and the highest quality standards in the industry. And they are the best choice when building any type of framing structure, especially safety enclosures or guarding.

When you are ready to upgrade your work environment, F&L Industrial Solutions is your best business partner – offering fast, free CAD design of 80/20 t-slot framing and free quotations. Give us a call today at 1-858-602-1500 to get that 80/20 t-slot project...

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