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We have been working with F&L industrial Solutions to create custom cut and drilled aluminum parts for use in our camera slider. Their friendly staff provides us with full turnkey solutions. From design to delivery, F&L helps us get our parts on time and on budget. Fast delivery also allows us to complete rapid prototyping of our future products.

Sean Fleck, President
Linear Motion Labs

I could not be more pleased with the people at F&L Industrial Solutions. They are friendly and always willing to serve; always helpful and quick to answer all my questions. My business is “AirgunsMobile” and our motorized moving targets are specifically designed for air soft shooting—the safest and easiest way to bring a lot of fun to your home or business for different occasions. It was very important to do everything by my drawings and I have never been disappointed with F&L Industrial Solutions; their people are very knowledgeable and offer punctual product delivery. Everything is always as promised with excellent quality. Great brand, terrific equipment, and fantastic company.

Eugene Pogrebinsky, Owner

For many years Peau Productions has worked with F&L Industrial Solutions to build both standard end-user products along with completely new and modifications of current assemblies. Services such as R&D, powder-coating, assembly, and expediting of assemblies has helped efficiently expand our catalog. Our customers know we stand behind the build quality and designs that the F&L team provides.

Nolan Ramseyer, CEO
Peau Productions, Inc.