Learn About Tabletop Substrates for 80/20 T-Slot Extrusions in the Spring Edition of Extrusion Builder News

Extrusion Builder News February 2017 Edition

For manufacturers, R&D teams, laboratory designers, safety officers and ergonomic managers, the surface upon which we work is an important factor in efficiency, safety and employee satisfaction. So when F&L Industrial Solution’s designers build an aluminum extrusion frame using 80/20 brand t-slots, they ask probing questions to fully understand what the customer requirements are for the workbench, lab table, conveyor system, tool rack, machine enclosure or specialized cart they are designing. The days of vinyl-laminated particle-board tabletops are gone, and new plastics and metals have replaced the old counters with higher performance surfaces.

Common tabletop materials for t-slot aluminum framing

Take aluminum composites like AluPOLY© or phenolic resins like TRESPA© for example. AluPOLY© is configured with a core polyethylene center sandwiched between thin outer .012” aluminum skins. The result looks and feels like an aluminum plate – but it’s much lighter, and stronger than solid plastic tops – and AluPOLY© comes in a many different pre-painted colors. TRESPA TOP-LAB© is a special phenolic resin that has a significant wood component, so it’s better for the environment and it offers an anti-bacterial surface that is very popular for lab tables and machine enclosures.

These new types of tabletops are easily machined to connect efficiently with lightweight aluminum framing made from t-slot extrusions. The strength/weight advantages of anodized t-slot aluminum framing is helping it grow in popularity versus traditional welded steel products. And when combined with modern tabletops, these new types of industrial framing are replacing steel in a wide array of industries around the world.

80/20 t-slot table with aluminum tabletop

F&L Industrial Solutions uses 80/20 branded t-slot anodized aluminum profiles that offer big advantages in the areas of corrosion, handling weight, machining and long-term value. While old rusty steel work benches and lab tables are often tossed into landfills and replaced, t-slot aluminum framing is like an erector set; in that, products made from it can be disassembled 10 years from now, and reused to build a completely different structure or product. Companies that traditionally paid for custom welded frames or stands for their manufacturing or R&D facilities have embraced the utility of using cleaner, lightweight aluminum that needs no specialized manufacturing process. Best of all, it requires less maintenance, looks great and is lighter to move – reducing employee injury rates and improving workplace conditions. Framing from F&L Industrial Solutions can be designed and delivered as a kit or fully assembled. Kits offer the ability to assemble inside the final room. This allows large structures to be created within smaller rooms without removing large walls or welding onsite.

Large enclosure made from white powder-coated 80/20 t-slot extrusions

Want to learn more about aluminum framing and the new types of tabletops and panels that are being used in high-tech manufacturing and engineering facilities around the world? Or the easiest/best way to fasten a tabletop to a t-slot frame? Download the latest spring issue of Extrusion Builder News by clicking here. Or go one step further and subscribe to EBN to get all the latest aluminum framing news sent directly to your email address.

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