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I’ve been building things for as long as I can remember. It started when I was a kid with a set of Tinker Toys. With a floor to play on and a tube full of sticks and wheels and paddles, I could let my imagination run wild. I would spend hours making anything and everything. When I got older, I started building tree houses and forts, then model cars and model airplanes, toothpick bridges, you name it. I loved exploring how things went together, and how they came apart. Sometimes I would take something apart just to see how it was put together. Then, I would rebuild it—some times with “improvements”—other times with things exactly the same. Although, more often than I would like to admit, there were times when I thought I had put something back together exactly the way I had found it, only to discover that I had over looked a part, which was now lying on the workbench. Oops!

Today, many decades later, I am still building things. While the things I build today are a bit different than when I was a kid—bigger, more complex, and significantly more expensive—in many ways the basic fundamentals are the same. You want to build something that is solid, robust, and reliable. Something that goes together easily (and stays together—no matter what), and does the job you intended it to do. And while that may seem like an easy thing to do, I can tell you from experience—it’s not.

A few years ago, I was tasked with designing a certain something—the details of which I cannot share—that was way outside of my comfort zone. It was big, it was complex, it was…for lack of a better word…different. A colleague recommended I contact F&L to see if they could help in the design and fabrication. So I gave them a call, and I am glad I did.

Long story short, F&L has been a valuable partner in my consulting business. They offer me solid advice on new ideas, and the skills and expertise to build me something…different …quickly and efficiently (and at a fair price). I highly recommend them.

Eric Larson
The Art of Mass Production

We rely on F&L Industrial Solutions to provide benches and enclosures for all of our automated workcells. F&L works with us from concept/design through installation resulting in hardware that performs the intended function flawlessly. We came to F&L because of price, we stick with F&L because of performance.

David Fairbairn, Engineer, Core
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Five years ago we turned to F&L Industries to fabricate several new 3D camera systems we had designed. From that moment on they consistently exceeded our expectations by delivering high quality workmanship on time and on budget. Their contribution to our company’s success is undeniable. It’s why five years later they’re still our exclusive fabricator and why we wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Karl Kozak, President

Thank you for your services and support over the years! F&L simply goes above and beyond, every single time. You have always been extremely responsive and given me great advice to solve my design challenges. I am very impressed as well with your fabrication and assembly capabilities and the quality of the end-products you are able to deliver.

Charles Cousin, President
BellaMare Subsea Engineered Systems