We Buy & Use US-Made 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion For Our Projects

Headquarters of F&L Industrial Solutions80/20 is a T-slotted extrusion product line that features the absolute best quality 6105 T5 aluminum, unmatched consistency, and over 7,000 components and parts for every framing need. That’s why 80/20 aluminum extrusions are the number one choice for quality manufacturers throughout North America including F&L Industrial Solutions.

80/20 products are sold by a company called 80/20 Inc. based in Columbia City, Indiana. They have been delivering products through a nationwide network of distributors for over 25 years. Only a few of those distributors offer a full suite of services such as design, machining, panel cutting, assembly, delivery and installation in addition to the 80/20 product line. F&L Industrial Solutions is one of those companies, and is proud to be an authorized, full-service 80/20 distributor servicing the southwest United States and beyond.

T-Slotted Aluminum

Profiles or Bars

8020-BarsT-slotted aluminum profiles come in a wide variety of metric and fractional sizes up to about 3″ x 6″ in width, and up to 242″ in length. Each bar is extruded with the highest quality 6105 aluminum, and T5 tempered, quality checked, cleaned and shipped with a clear anodized coating that offers the ultimate balance between durability, machinability, and batch-to-batch color consistency. 80/20 aluminum profiles feature a vibration-proof 2° degree Drop-Lock feature in each T-slot, and in some profiles, its unique Align-a-Groove surface for easier assembly and a classic aluminum look.


& Connectors

8020 aluminum extrusion fastenersF&L sells a large assortment of 80/20 T-slot fasteners, with over 20 types and over 400 variations/combinations. Many are available in black zinc, bright zinc or stainless steel to meet almost any product requirement. The 80/20 catalog offers assemblers a variety of T-nuts and bolting options to create new frames or to attach to existing, non-80/20 frames.

Joining Plates

Brackets and Gussets

8020 aluminum extrusion joining platesPlates, brackets and gussets are exterior methods of joining T-slotted bars for basic connectivity and strength.

Panels, Doors

& Hinges

8020 aluminum extrusion doorPanels can be cut to fit directly in the T-slot of T-slotted bars, or mounted on the surface using a variety of hinges, tracks, brackets, bolts and retainers. An almost unlimited number of different panel materials can be used such as clear polycarbonate, wire mesh, wood, plastics, PVC, aluminum, metal, etc.


& Add-ons

8020 aluminum extrusion accessoriesOne reason that T-slot aluminum profiles are so popular, is the ease in which they can be customized by adding functional accessories. Items such as end caps, colored T-slot covers, wiring ducts, cable ties, AkroBin® connectors, tool hangers, label holders, manifolds and power outlets can be quickly and easily added to any T-slotted aluminum frame.



8020-FloorHow any built object interacts with the floor is important, and F&L offers an immense range of casters, feet, glides, leveling feet, floor anchors, brackets and base plates.

Linear Motion

& Rollers

8020-linear motionLinear motion components provide movement using a bearing and guiderail system. The bearing profile is used to mount self-lubricating UHMW-PE bearing pads that fit directly into the T-slots of the bars. This allows a bar to slide on and through the linear motion component mounted to a different bar.

Perfect for drawer glides, door guides, saw fences, measuring systems, optical sensing mounts, and workstation height adjustments.



80/20 pivotPivots provide different methods of incorporating motion into specific areas of your project. Perfect for large doors, and extension arms, pivots offer a wide variety of axial movement options and load capacities. Combining multiple pivots in an aluminum extrusion design can provide unique motion capabilities to suit almost any framing requirement.

CATALOG of 80/20

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8020 Extrusion Catalog

8020 Extrusion Catalog

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