F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc. aluminum structure design and assembly services F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc. - Distributors of the 80/20 Modular T-Slotted Aluminum Framing System 80/20 T-Slotted Aluminum - a lightweight material to construct versatile and modular aluminum structures
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Close up view of one of the many models of  80/20 T-slotted aluminum pieces, used to frame, enclose or construct anything you can imagine!

80/20 extrusions can be used practically anywhere.

F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc. - Distributor 80/20 T-Slotted Aluminum

80/20 is the manufacturer of the Industrial Erector Set®, a T-Slotted aluminum framing system that can be used for anything and is the perfect choice over welded steel.

With over 4000 parts and the best customer service in the industry, 80/20 can help you solve any framing problem.

At F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc., we are specialists in fabricating lightweight, modular aluminum structures for home, office and industry with 80/20 t-slotted aluminum. We are aluminum structure design specialists and can create & provide CAD drawings, material lists and assembly assistance.

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